Winter Vacation Care Program Released Friday, May 26th.


Our Philosophy

Petersham Activities Centre for Children (PACC) is a community based service of the Petersham Public School Parents. PACC aims to provide a safe and caring environment for primary school aged children. PACC also aims to offer high quality care where the parents can feel confident and assured that their children are welcomed and having an enjoyable time. 

We will endeavour to provide activities and experiences to cater for a variety of ages, cultural backgrounds, interests and needs. We hope to develop self esteem, self discipline and self expression through the programmed activites and staff interaction with the children. 

The staff will treat each child as an individsual. They will show an awareness of the children's social, physical, emotional and mental stages of development. 

PACC welcomes participation and feedback from the parents, schools and the local community.



Attention Kindy 2018 Parents


Please join our mailing list so we can keep you updated with information on how to enrol for Before School Care(BSC), After School Care(ASC) and Vacation Care(VC) for 2018.

For those families who are succesful in securing a place at Petersham Public School, we will also be part of your orientation sessions at the school.

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Petersham Activities Centre for Children (PACC) is a community based organisation providing quality before school care, after school care and vacation care for families in our local area.

PACC primarily offers care to students of Petersham Public School

The centre does provide care to children from neighbouring schools based on availability.

For the latest eligibility info see PACC's Enrolment and Orientation Policy.

PACC is located on site at Petersham Public School (on the West Street side opposite the tennis courts).